A 360 future

Excellence 360º: An integral improvement of the processes

Excellence 360º is an idea that is revolutionary, advanced, rational and practical.


We have developed an ambitious plan around a concept designed to manage the returns from the Digital Transformation through a global vision of the business. It is a concept that arises from integrating the improvements achieved through traditional Plans of Excellence with the application of new technologies.


It is a plan in which we use technology as an enabler to transform, optimise and develop processes, giving value to the data and offering continuity to the Plans of Excellence. The aim is none other than to, in line with the strategic plan, reinforce the business model (efficiency, optimisation, streamlining, costs, etc.), in the long term and in a comprehensive manner, in its different phases: Production (increasing process reliability and productivity), Supply chain (optimising stock and increasing the accuracy of deliveries), Commercial (improving margins) and the Purchasing of raw materials (optimising the mix at all times), all thanks to the use of new systems and placing the customer at the centre of the business. In other words, Excellence 360º unifies the Excellence Plans with the Digital Transformation.


This idea implies a change in the way we work to continue offering our customers the best stainless steel and to remain the most competitive company in the sector. A good example of this is that we are already tightly planning demand through the Oracle Demand Planning Cloud solution, which adds a competitive advantage when it comes to making decisions throughout the supply chain, aligning it to market behaviour in real time. The solution incorporates statistical algorithms that generate accurate forecasts for each customer and make it possible to plan the demand for every type of product, every region, every customer and every channel.


The first phase, which we have called Planning 360º, encompasses a tool to optimise the finishing shops of the plants together with the transport and the aforementioned demand planning. The Plan will maintain the predictive capacity to pre-empt possible problems with our products through the analysis of data, in order to subsequently focus on the predictive maintenance of critical lines for production continuity and, lastly, to perform data analysis on the efficiency of supplies with the creation of predictive models that optimise the consumption of these supplies and fuels.

Acerinox at the forefront of the Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0

Acerinox is at the forefront of the Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 processes that the sector is experiencing. These processes will be strategic in remaining competitive, since they boost efficiency and product quality, and control of and savings in production costs.


This is a challenge involving the intelligent management of a series of technologies (and the mechanisms and processes that derive therefrom) in order to merge the advantages they provide and channel the mechanisms so that those who have to use them can make the best use of the tools.  By doing so, we seek to enhance the value of the data so that, with it and thanks to it, we can make the most effective decisions.


Our factories have the latest technologies, and we continue to invest in mobile connectivity, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, robotics, sensorisation, high precision cameras and other technologies that transform the manufacture and production systems.


This merging of technologies will enhance and channel the characteristics that enable us to remain competitive. These characteristics are efficiency, since we will be capable of manufacturing with less resources, an improved metallic yield, greater reuse of waste, improved optimisation of the production lines (and production mix), and improved quality; and flexibility, as we will increase our capacity to react to economic cycles, to raw material volatility and to regional differences.


It is an ambitious challenge that is even greater in a global company with operations in more than 80 countries, with factories on four continents and in which seamless connectivity is essential for improving, increased efficiency, internal benchmarking and advancing towards excellence.

Excellence 360º marks a shift in the way we work to supply the best stainless steel and remain the most competitive company in the sector.
Supply chain planning

Digitalisation of the supply chain is focused on planning and collaboration between the parties, visibility and the application of algorithms to large volumes of data. Digital Transformation encompasses all areas of the company, not just production, and thus, we will endeavour to improve the supply routes and study the demand according to customers, regions and products.


Thanks to this, at Acerinox we will boost collaborative work, we will reduce response times and we will improve process efficiency, increasing, naturally, connectivity.


At Acerinox, we see the Digital Transformation as a continuation and evolution of the Excellence Plans. It involves the use of technology as an enabler to transform and develop processes, and an enhancer of our business model.


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