A sustainable business for the company... and for the communities in which the Group operates.


 Align the Group’s activities with the inherent social and cultural realities of the different countries in which it operates.


Reinforce the trusted relationships with the various communities with which the Group interacts by supporting the various public administrations and social organisations of interest.


Reinforce respect for the rights of ethnic minorities and disadvantaged groups in all communities where the Group is present.

A sustainable business must unite the results of its activities, environmental care and development of the communities in which it is present. That is to say, Economic, Social and Environmental Sustainability.


Convinced of this, we work to boost the efficiency of every process in order to increase sales, margins and stainless steel applications (through research and development) and remain the most competitive global company in the sector. We make Acerinox an economically profitable and sustainable company to generate and distribute value among its stakeholders.


Maintaining stable jobs that are paid more than the average is, undoubtedly, the greatest action of wealth distribution and is the greatest contribution for the sustainability of social stability in the areas in which we operate. Furthermore, we collaborate with an extensive network of associations and NGOs whose social objectives involve meeting the various needs of the various social groups in the areas in which we operate.


The Group’s General CSR Policy provides a starting point in this connection, with the aim of fostering a culture of global social responsibility that contributes to improving people's well-being, promoting the economic and social development of the communities in which Acerinox is present, and creating sustainable value for its shareholders, customers, suppliers and workers and their families; ultimately, for its Stakeholders. In fact, the territories and communities are identified as one of the main stakeholder groups of Acerinox, and a number of working principles have been established in this connection to contribute to the Welfare State.

Objective 1

The Acerinox Group collaborates with various NGOs, including Cáritas.

Objective 4

Acerinox provides financial assistance to secondary-school students and assistance in the development of a leadership programme to improve working skills through the performance of internships, including funds for materials and activities.


Acerinox also has partnership agreements with more than 20 universities and vocational training centres.

Objective 10

The Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment programme (B-BBEE) to integrate the black community into the dynamics of employment and economic growth in South Africa.


Sponsor of the Ohio Valley United Charities, which contribute to various programmes, such as the prevention of child abuse (in the US).

Objective 12

Beach cleaning close to our factory in Kentucky.

Objective 3

In view of the Coronavirus sanitary crisis, Acerinox has deployed an integral SARS-CoV-2 prevention and control plan, agreed with the Spanish health authorities and the WHO. Acerinox's protocol against SARS-Cov-2 has been audited and certificated by AENOR, and is the first Spanish siderurgical company to achieve this certification.  


Acerinox collaborates with NGOs such as Alzheimer, the Spanish National Federation of Persons with Disabilities and the Children with Cancer Support Association, and also supports medical and social organisations that contribute to programmes such as suicide prevention and cystic fibrosis.

Objective 8

Economic contribution as a sponsor for the organisation of the Kite Festival (in Malaysia).


Support for the Employee Tender Loving Care Group, which helps unemployed people to find work (in the US).

Objective 11

Acerinox collaborates with the local authorities and with various sociocultural associations to support the community.


In 2019 Acerinox earmarked more than EUR 750 thousand to collaborate with various non-profit institutions and other organisations through, inter alia, educational collaboration initiatives and actions for the promotion of stainless steel.


The impact of the Group’s activities on employment and local development in the areas in which it operates is very significant, and is key to generating local, stable and quality employment.

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