Acerinox is committed to continuously improving its environmental indicators, by controlling and minimising the impacts on the surroundings in which its plants operate.


Each year the Group validates voluntarily its greenhouse gases through certifying the ISO 14064 standard. The Group is a benchmark in the sector, producing stainless steel with 30% less emissions than the world’s steel industry average, according to the ISSF.


This percentage increases to over 50% in the case of material transported to the west from production plants in countries such as China. In other words, a ship loaded with stainless steel from one of these factories to the West emits between 20% to 30% of the gases that Acerinox generates during the production of this material. Therefore, from its production to its delivery, this material pollutes 60% more than our factories.

Acerinox continues to be committed to reducing further the emissions derived from its business activities, the volume of energy consumed, and the use of resources and raw materials. It is not simply a declaration of intentions, but a true commitment transformed into concrete measures that improve our production methods, enhance our efficiency and competitiveness and save costs through the optimisation of processes and the application of new technologies, as well as the awareness of our stakeholders and the reaffirmation of a working culture.


All this is linked to the Group’s Strategic Plan and is applied to the different management and production areas. It is coordinated by the Department of Sustainability, which has been recently created, with representation at Senior Management level and reporting directly to the CEO. In fact, the idea with which the Strategic Plan begins relates to "economic, social and environmental sustainability".


In this regard, we have recently ratified the commitment expressed by the Spanish Association of Steel Producers (UNESID) to reach climate neutrality before 2050 in accordance with the Association’s decision, and which was made public to coincide with the start of the Climate Summit (COP25) in Madrid.


Therefore, this is one of the core principles in the performance of our activity.

Acerinox, part of the solution in the fight against emissions

Acerinox’s environmental and sustainability efforts have been recognised by various international organisations and associations, such as the CDP, World Steel, International Stainless Steel Forum, FTSE and our adherence to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Recently, in recognition of the strategic and prioritised nature of sustainability in the ACERINOX Group, the ISSF awarded first prize to North American Stainless and third prize to Acerinox Europa in the sustainability category.

At the end of the process, a stainless steel object has a recycled content rate of 91% in its composition.

The Acerinox Group recycles more than 2 million tonnes every year.

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