Chairman´s letter

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Acerinox is a historic milestone that should fill us with pride and joy. If we consider that turning 50 or celebrating a golden anniversary in our daily lives is important, then a company managing to overcome the many difficulties and challenges that have arisen becomes a unique opportunity to assess all that has been achieved so far, to thank so many people for their efforts, their constant dedication and their trust throughout these years of successful collaboration, and to also look resolutely and towards the future, committing and compelling ourselves to laying the foundations for this complex future that awaits us, but which will be full of opportunities that we visualise today, in which we want to give the best of us all to ensure a long business life.

We are having to commemorate this milestone in extraordinarily difficult circumstances both globally and in Europe, and particularly in our country, Spain; however, I am sure that with all our effort and generosity we will be able to overcome these difficult moments. At Acerinox, we are making an extraordinary effort at all levels to minimise the impact this crisis is having on our business, and we are also committed to alleviating the difficulties arising in the environments, regions and countries in which we are present, helping and providing solutions to the communities in which we are integrated.

Now more than ever, we want to demonstrate our faith and belief that Corporate Social Responsibility and our ESG Strategy and Policies are the fundamental basis for moving forward in the future, for overcoming difficulties and for building a future full of success.

I believe that Acerinox's history includes the values we have been shaping over the last 50 years, which are immersed in our business culture. These values have enabled us to get this far and will enable us to successfully face the challenges that arise. I also believe that it includes our Strategy, which defines clearly our vision of the future, and the tools we have to deploy and use, with diligence, agility and flexibility, to achieve the demanding objectives that this strategy sets us. This website and future special publications to celebrate the 50th anniversary, which I invite you to follow assiduously, offer in-depth information on the aforementioned.

Acerinox manufactures a material that is essential in a wide range of sectors and with extraordinary properties. We are laying the foundations to anticipate our customers' demands, the types of products they require and the material flows between markets, and we are diversifying our product range by integrating VDM Metals into the Group and becoming a market leader in special alloys.

Meanwhile, we are transforming Acerinox into a benchmark in sustainability through efficiency in the processes and the use of resources. As a result, we are convinced that we will continue to lead the sector and play a leading role in the future, despite the changes in structures, systems and life models that we are experiencing as a society.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, and on my own behalf, I would like to express my warmest congratulations to everyone in this great family that makes up the Acerinox Group for this half century of success, and I encourage us to participate actively in our company’s promising future.



Rafael Miranda Robredo

Chairman of Acerinox

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