Welcome to a 50-year history of success, continuous innovation, excellence, teamwork, sacrifice, endeavour, determination, value, courage and initiative, intelligence and competitiveness; it is a history of continuous growth and value creation resulting from excellence and efficiency. We are proud of this legacy, the values of which remain impressed upon us. It is also a legacy that has taught us the foundations for a bright future that we create every day, and from which, thanks to research and new technologies, we can predict and foresee more and more data.
We continue to advance, compete and improve the future, as we are convinced that it will
continue to be built with our materials.


Welcome to the history of Acerinox!



We permanently transform Acerinox to be more efficient and more effective in production and distribution and sale. And, to that end, once again, we have taken the lead in the implementation of new technologies, big data , the study of predictability in our factories and the transformation of supply chain processes. We are developing a strategic program for greater monitoring and sensing of equipment and a new concept designed to manage the returns of Digital Transformation. All this from a global vision of the business that we have called ' Excellence 360º '.

At Acerinox we have a great advantage: our people. The future we will build among all those who are part of this Group that was born to last and of which we continue to make a benchmark in the sector.

It is a great yearning and the future will be demanding and adaptation the key to success. It has always been so and will continue to be so tomorrow.

Let's go for it. A for a comprehensive model that leads us to a general improvement in productivity and efficiency, providing visibility to the business and agility in decision-making, reinforcing the deep know-how that the staff has, and launching ourselves into the search and attraction of new talent. And all this, as it has for half a century, championed a responsible steel industry.

That is the future we want: A sustainable future.

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The company object of Acerinox is the “manufacture and sale of stainless steel”, and this is the ultimate and natural objective of the organisation. In pursuit of this company object, Acerinox has become one of the most competitive companies in the world. What we do differentiates us from the market; however, we want to stand out for how we do it.


And we do it in a responsible way in the belief that this entails adapting to our surroundings, foreseeing the future, investing wisely, avoiding errors, creating a working environment that attracts talent and being mindful of efficiency in the production process.


The way to do this, and simultaneously, the purpose, is to collaborate with our stakeholders (shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, analysts and investors, the media and society in general) in the creation of shared and sustained value.


These objectives revolve around one term: Sustainability. Not just environmental sustainability, but also social and economic sustainability. We believe in a free world, an efficient world, a world where economic resources are distributed fairly, a world and a society that respect their surroundings, and a world and a society where the benefits are the result of a job well done, sound decisions, endeavour, and continuous improvement. 


This is the company we are and the company we want to be and leave to the next generations, since the best way to be sustainable is to withstand the test of time by being responsible.



The past must be reviewed, analysed, studied and, where it is due, respected, as is the case for Acerinox. In doing so, we honour, out of appreciation, those who built the past and invested their efforts, hopes and dreams in every step of the way. At Acerinox, we value the past as the main generator of knowledge and experience.