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Globalisation of the Company



Following construction of the Spain and US plants, the opportunity to increase capacity, enter into new markets and extend the commercial network arose with the purchase of Columbus Stainless. In 2002, the operation with the IDC was finalised. The Group continued to grow; Acerinox was already producing in Europe, America and Africa and had more than 80 offices, centres and warehouses spread over the five continents. All that remained was to take the plunge into Asia; the project began in 2008 with the start of the construction of Bahru Stainless in Malaysia. This gave rise to the most global stainless steel production network in the world.


Acerinox acquires 76% of Columbus Stainless through a joint venture with the South African government through its investment arm: Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), and becomes the third largest manufacturer of stainless steel in the world.


2002 Columbus.JPG


The Columbus Stainless plant facilities are expanded with the installation of a third Sendzimir cold rolling mill.



Two new service centres in North America commence activities: Guelph (Canada) and Atlanta (USA), in addition to two warehouses in China (Shanghai and Foshan).

2006 Atlanta.jpg


The Board of Directors makes the decision to undertake, in phases, a new project in Malaysia with the construction of a plant in Johor Bahru, giving rise to the commencement of the construction of Bahru.


Rafael Naranjo is appointed as the Chairman of Acerinox, a position that he would combine with that of Chief Executive Officer. Bernardo Velázquez is appointed as Managing Director of the Group.

2008 Rafael Naranjo Bahru_.jpg


The Board of Directors appoints Bernardo Velázquez as the Chief Executive Officer of Acerinox.

Bernardo Velazquez CEO.jpg


The US Chamber of Commerce in Spain presented Acerinox with the Trade & Innovation Award for the greatest expansion in the United States.



Rafael Miranda is appointed as the Chairman of the Acerinox Group and the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Rafael Miranda Presidente.jpg


Acerinox announces an investment of EUR 140 million in new equipment at Acerinox Europa, with which it expands its product range.

2016 linea algeciras.jpg


The new AP-5 annealing and pickling line of the Acerinox Europa factory with the most advanced technological systems and new product quality standards starts up.

2018 linea algeciras.jpg


The third sendzhimir cold rolling mill and the third annealing and pickling line at NAS enter into service. Acerinox invests USD 46 million for the construction of a fourth cold rolling mill, increasing the capacity of the Kentucky factory to 600,000 tonnes. In this year, NAS doubles its melting shop production to 541,000 tonnes.

2003 NAS.jpg


The commercial network grows with the commencement of activities in Toronto through NAS Canada and capital increases in Acerinox France, Italy, Scandinavia, Pacific and Acerol Portugal.

2005 canada.jpg


NAS expands its capacity by installing new equipment. Thanks to the favourable performance of the North American market, the commercial and distribution network continues to grow and new warehouses in Seville and Warsaw are inaugurated.

2007 NAS-Gehnt-KY.jpg


On 15 January, the final agreement is entered into with Nisshin Steel for the construction of Bahru Stainless. In March, the first brick is laid.

Just one month later, Acerinox implements effectively the first Excellence Plan with which it expects to achieve savings of EUR 97 million.

2009 invitacion bahru.jpg


The separation of Acerinox Europa from the Group's Parent, Acerinox, S.A. is approved at the General Shareholders’ Meeting.

2011 acx sa acerinox europa.JPG


The first coil is processed on the AP2 annealing and pickling line, the last line to complete phase II of the Bahru Stainless project. The Dubai office is opened and joins those in Bangkok (Thailand), Manila (Philippines), Taipei (Taiwan), Hanoi (Vietnam) and Surabaya (Indonesia).

2013 bobina.JPG


The Board of Directors approves an investment totalling EUR 130 million for a bright annealing line and a cold rolling mill in NAS, in line with the Strategic Plan.

2015 NAS.JPG


The Governor of Kentucky inaugurates the new equipment at NAS with which the plant strengthens its leading position in the US market by being the largest producer of bright annealing.

2017 Matt Bevin.jpg

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