50 years of success


Towards integrated manufacturing and exportation

(Second part)



At the beginning of the ‘80s, Acerinox already had a presence on three continents (Spain, France, Chile, Argentina and Hong Kong) and was beginning to disembark in Germany and the US. We touched down in the US via an office in New Jersey, which would be the first contact with a market where we would end up building the most advanced plant in the world, North American Stainless.


Meanwhile, in Palmones, the factory continued to grow both in production capacity and in competitiveness and structure, becoming a world reference in the sector and a model to be copied within the Group, which was already beginning to take shape.


At the start of the year, Acerinox acquires shares in Grupinox and acquires the Barcelona Service Centre. In May, Pacific LTD (Hong Kong) and in June, Siderinox (Argentina) are incorporated.

Grupinox 1980.jpg


In March, ROLDAN, S.A. is incorporated into the Group. Two new commercial offices open; the NORTHWEST and ACERINOX USA Offices, in April and May, respectively. In June, the electric arc furnace no.2 begins to operate.

Roldan 1982.jpg


The commercial network continues to expand, growing in Europe with the opening of Acerinox Switzerland.



Acerinox is listed on the stock exchange in October 1986 A few months before, Acerinox begins trading its shares, which are traded at 425% on the first day. In this year, the Pinto service centre is inaugurated.

1986 Bolsa2_p1.jpg


Victoriano Muñoz Cava is appointed as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Acerinox, S.A, following the death of José Mª Aguirre.



In June, the Acerinox Deustchland Commercial Office, with strategic importance for distribution in Central Europe, is established.

1981 langerfeld.jpg


A few months later, the contract to construct the hot-rolling mill at Acerinox Europa is signed.

In July, the SZ no.3 group is launched.

In June, Victoriano Muñoz Cava is appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Acerinox, S.A.

Sendzimir 1983.jpg


In June, the Association for the development of stainless steel (Cedinox) is created. During the year, Acerinox continues to expand with the creation of Acerinox Scandinavia and Portugal, and continues to invest in new equipment with a hot-rolling mill at Acerinox Europa.



Profits double in 1987 to 6,661 million pesetas (EUR 40 million). During the year, the service centre in Porto and a representative office in Tokyo are opened.

Acerinox holds its first General Shareholders' Meeting.

Primera JGA 1987.jpg


Four major developments expand the Group's production, sales and distribution structure: the founding of Inoxfil and Inoxidables de Euskadi and the inauguration of both Acerinox Italy and the Betanzos service centre.

1989 INOXFIL .jpg

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